Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 – Expert Reviews

adidas adipower boost 3 golf shoes

Without a doubt, athletes with wide feet have to face a lot of problems. One major issue they always face is the most suitable shoes with proper cushion and fitting. For golfers, this concern is quite legit as they have to cover plenty of distance in the course.

So, keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of best golf shoes for wide feet in 2023.


Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet 

Here are some of the best wide fit golf shoes for men and women.

Image Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet Key Features Price
41  Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Blade Gold Shoe  Amazing cushioning Check Price
42 Adidas men’s Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe   Thin tech cleats Check Price
43 New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf shoe   Rubber sole Check Price
44 Puma Men’s Grip Golf Shoe   Excellent breathability Check Price
45 Under Armour Men’s Match Play golf shoe   Waterproof Check Price
46 Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce WD Ftwwht Golf Shoe   Luxurious fitting Check Price
47 ECCO Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe   Presence of spikes Check Price
48 Skechers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major Shoe   Arch support Check Price

1. Skechers Performance Go Golf Blade – Mens Golf Shoes Wide-Fit:

Skechers is a name which holds importance in the world of golf because of their amazing shoes which have qualities like waterproof and light weightiness.

These Go Blade Shoes are considered as best golf shoes for wide feet because they provide maximum support in term of excellent cushioning and amazing traction.

Sketchers men go golf blade shoes


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of soft spikes which have replaceable cleats that provide traction like none other.

Midsole: The midsole has excellent 5Gen amazing cushioning which enables the player to walk all day without getting tired or feeling pain in the feet.

Upper sole: The upper sole is made out of micro fabric leather which is not only waterproof but also has almost no weight which adds to factors like easiness and comfort for the player.

Weight: The weight of these shoes is kept under check and light so any player who is having wide feet must feel comfortable and relax during the game time.

Breathability: The breathability of these shoes is amazing as the upper is made out of micro fabric which ensures the cross of air while the presence of soft cushioning and light mesh pattern adds to this factor.

sketcher go golf grip

Overall performance:

If you are looking for those shoes which will provide you maximum comfort in the form of cushion while the weight remains light, then these are the best golf shoes for wide feet. Although they are slightly expensive, they are totally worth it.


  • Lightweight
  • Amazing cushioning
  • Solid outer sole
  • Removable insole


  • Expensive
  • Not many color options

2. Adidas men’s Tech Response 4.0

Adidas is perhaps the most renowned name in the sports accessories because they simply provide the best shoes. These shoes by Adidas which is named as Tech Response 4.0 has everything which makes them the best golf shoes for wide feet.

These shoes have lightweight, amazing cushioning, thin tech cleats which add to the traction and allows the player to play on any surface.

adidas men tech 4.0 golf shoes


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic sole which is supported by nicely placed cushioning, and the outer sole has thick tech cleats which mean more traction and stability for the player.

Midsole: The midsole has incredible cushioning six spike configuration which provides maximum comfort and excellent ease.

Upper sole: The upper sole is made out of breathable material, and mesh fabric which makes the upper ultra-soft and also the lacy system provides amazing fit. Moreover, the front region or the toe box is wide and enough to support any of those players who have wide feet.

Weight: Even though the cushioning is done in a maximum way, the shoes are still very light in weight which means long and easy walk with comfort and support.

Breathability: The upper has mesh in abundance which means the easy cross of air and also no sweating leads to comfortable wear and no issue of itching.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 - Expert Reviews 1

Overall performance:

If you are interested in those pair of shoes for your golf routine that will provide you comfort along with excellent traction and durability while features like lightweight and breathability are present in vast amount, then these shoes by Adidas is the perfect choice as your best golf shoes for wide feet.

They come in the attractive color of black, white and grey with traditional stripes of Adidas. Although this pair of shoes is an expensive lot again, wide feet players need to invest in something long lasting and worthwhile as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathability
  • Thin tech cleats
  • Excellent stability


  • Expensive
  • Fewer cleats for some players

3. New Balance Men’s Wide Feet Shoes NBG518

New Balance  NBG518 has an amazing upper sole which adds to factors like breathability and amazing traction due to the presence of spikeless rubber outer sole.

New balance men nbg518 golf shoes


Outer sole: The outer sole has a rubber sole which has spikes made out of rubber that provide traction and durability when it is most needed.

Midsole: The midsole has revolutionary revlite midsole which provides maximum cushioning with almost no weight at all.

Upper sole: The upper is made out of mesh and synthetic leather which allows the players to enjoy their game while staying comfortable and relax. Also, the amazing lace system ensures the comfortable fit and no disturbing to the looseness or tightness.

Weight: The weight of this amazing shoe is light which is specially designed while keeping in the mental comfort of the player and the ease.

Breathability: The upper has a mesh which allows the air to cross easily and dries the feet while sweat does not last in these shoes.

Overall performance:

Since this pair of shoes is made out of enduring technologies, it can easily be regarded as one of the finest shoes for wide feet. With wide toe box and comfortable fit along with durability and traction is never ignored.

Also, the price is respectively less, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. It comes in the universal color of black, white and grey with excellent extended lace system.


  • Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Breathability
  • Rubber sole
  • Not expensive


  • Not many color options
  • Not too durable
  • Rubber spikes can get damage quickly

4. Puma Men’s Grip Shoes

Puma is renowned for producing high quality footwear as they always keep in mind to include factors like light weightiness, traction and incredible cushioning.

They have been producing a few golf shoes while all necessary factors like stability, breathability, and comfort are always induced in them. As the name suggests, Grip golf shoes provide excellent grip which enables the player to enjoy long walks on the golf course with ease and comfort.

puma men grip shoes


Outer sole: The outer sole is a synthetic sole which has incredible technology of TPU perimeter wrap spike-less traction. Furthermore, smart quill technology is induced to ensure maximum traction and support.

Midsole: The midsole has fusion foam compression EVA midsole which provides unbelievable cushioning and comfort. Also, the presence of this special technology makes the midsole more responsive and shock repressive.

Upper sole: The outer sole is made out of breathable mesh which takes the comfort to whole another level. Moreover, the lacing system provides an excellent fitting and remarkable grip.

Weight: Tthe weight is light, and this factor is made sure as players need to stay light on the feet and this feature makes them more comfortable on the ground.

Breathability: Since the upper is made out of mesh, the breathability element is present in abundance. This allows the sweat to dry out quickly and keeps the player at ease.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 - Expert Reviews 2

Overall performance:

The toe box is wide; the overall experience is comfortable; stability, traction, comfort, and breathability is present.

The attractive black color with white sole makes it more attractive. These shoes are expensive for anyone but if you are willing to spend one time on your ease then go for it. You can easily call them the most comfortable shoes for wide feet.


  • Amazing traction
  • Excellent breathability
  • More stable
  • The outer sole is comfortable
  • Heel support is present


  • Too expensive

5. Under Armour Men’s Match Play

Under Armour has produced Match Play by combining elements like traction, wide toe box, waterproof and stability in all one shoes.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 - Expert Reviews 3

Under Armour Men's Match Play Golf Shoe


Outer sole: The outer sole has TPU sole which provides traction and stability while the spikes are also present which only adds to the traction.

Midsole: The midsole has moulded EVA cushioning which provides you with the comfort one is always looking in shoes.

Upper sole: The waterproof material is ensured in the form of carbon fibre upper which means more stability.

Weight: The weight of the shoes is light, but due to spikes, weight is towards heaviness.

Breathability: The upper is made out of carbon fibre fabric which supports breathability but up to some extent.

Overall performance:

These shoes by Under Armour are nothing short of style. With amazing upper of stretchable carbon fibre fabric, the grip is supportive, and waterproofing is most highlighted, and the inclusion of spikes in the bottom means traction for any surface. It comes in the unique color of grey matt which is quite attractive as well.


  • Superb traction
  • Waterproof
  • Classic fitting
  • Encouraging fitting
  • Stretchable upper


  • Less breathability
  • Expensive

6. Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce Wd – Best Wide Fitting Golf Shoes

Another inclusion in the list of best golf shoes for wide feet is Adidas Adipower. These shoes by Adidas have ample amount of comfort in the form of supportive cushioning and amazing traction. It also offers a great deal of grip which is most required while playing golf.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 - Expert Reviews 4


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic sole which provides traction and stability on all sorts of grounds.

Midsole: The midsole has amazing supportive cushioning which emit the energy into the feet and never makes the feet tired.

Upper sole: The inclusion of stretchable leather fabric ensures an amazing fit while the wide feet players can enjoy comfort. Also, the waterproofing is present which adds to many qualities of these shoes.

Weight: The weight of the shoes is light which makes any player to play with relax mind and feet.

Breathability: Micro fabric used on the upper plays a part in the breathability of the shoes.

Overall performance:

These shoes offer amazing traction and comfort due to their incredible technologies used in manufacturing. The energy returning midsole offers more than cushioning while cloud foam EVA offers more stability and support.

If you are in search of those shoes which have an ample amount of comfort, then opt for this pair as the price is not high as well. It comes in two color options which are not many but still enough for many.


  • Amazing comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Outstanding traction
  • Luxurious fitting
  • Wide toe box
  • Ankle support


  • Less breathability

7. Ecco Men’s Biom G2 – Wide Golf Shoes with Spikes

Ecco is relatively a new name in the field of golf shoe production, but due to their excellent making, they are included in the list of best golf shoes for wide feet.

They offer traction and stability along with comfort and durability due to their collaboration with award-winning technology of BOA in providing comfort and traction.

ecco biom g2 golf shoes


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic sole which has spikes which add to the factor of traction hugely.

Midsole: The midsole has silicone which offers more stability then it looks like.

Upper sole: The leather upper offers amazing fitting and styling while you can toy with comfort and durability.

Weight: The weight of these shoes is light, and they enable our players to enjoy their game.

Breathability: The breathability factor is less highlighted but presents which is enough for the player to have a comfortable play.

Overall performance:

If you are interested in investing in those golf shoes which have style and purpose, then these are those shoes. Ecco men golf shoes have traction due to amazing spikes, outstanding cushioning for ankle and with the stable insole, these are present in the market to challenge others.


  • Presence of spikes
  • Excellent fitting
  • Stylish
  • Excellent traction


  • Less breathability
  • Very expensive
  • Toe box not wide

8. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Eagle – Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Wide Feet

Skechers have been producing best golf shoes forever because they always make sure that the player’s comfort is in top order. They add features like stability, breathability and amazing cushioning that is why they are regarded as the best in the business. These Skechers golf shoes for women have all those qualities which anyone can demand.

Top 8 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023 - Expert Reviews 5


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic rubber sole which makes the traction and durability to the maximum. The presence of a TPU outer grip enables amazing grip.

Midsole: The midsole has unbelievable cushioning which is due to the technology of GOGA Matrix which offers maximum comfort.

Upper sole: The upper sole is made out of synthetic fabric which keeps the upper light and comfy while the presence of lace system ensures an excellent fitting.

Weight: The weight of these shoes is respectively light, and they allow the player to play with ease.

Breathability: The breathable material on the upper is the fabric which supports the crossing of air to provide comfort to the feet while players can walk as much as they want.

Overall performance:

They have an ample amount of traction, support, and lightweight. It comes in different color options so women can enjoy fashion and style as well. The price is not as well which means more advantages if having this shoe.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction
  • Support
  • Wide toe box
  • Arch support
  • Ankle support


  • Less breathability factors.

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet – Buyer’s Guide

Which Golf Shoes Are Best for Wide Feet?

There are certain shoes that one must look into when they are planning to buy the best golf shoes for wide feet. It is due to these features that any pair of shoes is regarded as best or worst. Also buying a good pair of golf shoes means spending a good amount to money and it is not every day that one goes on with purchasing golf shoes.


Playing golf means long walks on the golf courses and feet can get sweaty. The upper of the golf shoes must be made of such material which can add to the factor of breathability. This keeps the feet free of moisture and irritation and a player in returns remain fit and alert.


Waterproof is that element which must be present at all cost. There can be rounds where you have to get in the water to play the shot. Or you ball lands in a small pit where there is water. Or the green course could have water in them which can make the shoes wet. If the waterproofing is not done well, then wet shoes will irritate the player, and the life of shoes is shortened by a remarkable time.


Any golf shoe without durability is never going to last long. That is why it is called durability. Being able to walk longer and spend more time in a certain pair of shoes, player grows affection and sometimes, they start calling them their lucky shoes. For such matter’s sake or any other reason, durability adds to the long life of the shoes.


walking long course means maximum cushioning should be there as any player needs more comfort and easiness in feet. Golf is a name of log course and long walks so without proper cushioning; one is bound to get tired quickly or even hurt the ankle.


The option of flexibility is ideal if it is present in the golf shoes because flexibility enables the player to play any swing while not worry about the slip or stiffness of shoes.

Stability and traction:

Stability and traction is that element which sets the mode of the player. Traction which allows the excellent swing pose as shoes remain in contact with the ground. Also, the presence of these elements ensures you that you can play any surface without any worries.

Types of golf shoes:

There are different types of best golf shoes for wide feet which have in the market for quite some time. There are different qualities which make them most wearable golf shoes while all of the below-mentioned shoes have elements like traction, breathability, and stability. The most common types are as under:

Spiked or cleated golf shoes:

These are those types of golf shoes which have spiked under their outer sole. The prescience of spikes or cleats enables any player to walk on any surface with ease and also adds a lot to the stability factor.

The most prominent advantage of wearing such shoes while playing golf is that it allows you to have a better swing since your feet don’t slip or slid and cleat or spikes make you stick to your ground more profoundly.

With the new technology being used in the manufacturing of golf shoes, these shoes are lightweight and offer much more stability to those players who don’t mind having the feeling of spikes underneath their feet.

Spikeless shoes:

You can call this technology a rather new one. The introduction of such shoes which have no spikes but rubber soles and also rubber spikes like structure not only make them comfortable but also a very trendy thing as well.

Such shoes some in various hip colour options and are usually worn by those players who don’t mind staying joyful and happy all day long. Due to the rubber sole, these shoes are light in weight and more comfortable. Also, the element of traction is present amazingly.

But many players don’t opt for these shoes because these shoes are less waterproof and they are not that stable. It is because of these facts, these shoes have remained low profile.

Golf boots:

Interestingly, when someone says that he or she is wearing golf boots; we are taken by surprise. But don’t be because this type is generally present but not opted that much.

They have been given the design of hiking boots and made with special technology which adds the factor of waterproofing to the maximum. Due to the heavy manufacturing of waterproofing, these shoes are bound to get expensive.

Also, the other downfall of these shoes is that they don’t allow much freedom to ankle when the swing is happening which can irritate many players. But one simply cannot ignore the leading factor of stability and heaviness which again add to the stability.

These shoes are considered ideal when winter golf sessions are on. As they provide warmth to the feet like none other shoes.

Golf sandals:

As per the name and design, these sandal golf shoes are mostly considered while hot or humid climate is underway. The design is less waterproof and too open to provide stability and grip.

But these sandals an even cause rashes or blisters if one is to walk long in them. These golf sandals are cheaper among the others, but it still has its pros and cons.

Golf shoe material:

Golf shoes are made out of various materials which add to their breathability, comfort, and waterproofing. It is due to these materials that we determine the best golf shoes for wide feet. Following are the materials which are used in most of the golf shoes.


It is the most used material in the golf shoes making because it provides the maximum durability and comfort. Also, leather ensures an upper which is often stretch free and the fitting remain intact. The waterproofing element is also present in the leather uppers which makes it best.

Golf shoes make out of leather varies in price as their quality of leather varies. It is often selected for summer as the breathability quality is also present which makes it even more than best.

Waterproof lining:

Every golf shoe manufacturer has their type of waterproofing material which they use in the making of upper but most commonly used is called Gore-Tex. It is extremely thick and full of support for the element of waterproof.

This material is rather warm, so it is not considered for the summer golfing while in winter they sell out like hotcakes.


Perhaps the lightest among the three is the synthetic material. It is a sheet of polyester which is used to spread over the upper to keep the feature of waterproof alive while also maintaining the weight in lower ways.

Since these shoes are not like leather but made out of polyester, they lack certain breathability factor but offer more than Gore-Tex.

Golf spikes:

Interestingly, spikes are considered a must item when you are purchasing any golf shoes. Why is what you may ask? The reason behind it is simple and that it the factor of support and traction.

Spikes prevent the athlete from falling or slipping when the swing is being taken; also, it offers much more stability when uneven surfaces are being played upon.

Usually, there are two types of spikes; metal and plastic but with the boom in the technology, a new type of spikes have been introduced in the market which is known as replaceable spikes.

Metal spikes:

These spikes are becoming less and less day by day because metal destroys the golf course as it easily tears the greens. They offer more stability and traction than any other type, but due to rules of golf, these spikes are going out of fashion and quickly as well.

Plastic spikes:

These spikes are being used more than ever. They don’t destroy the green of the golf course and also offer great amount of stability and traction. Plus those golf shoes which have plastic spikes or cleats are light weighted and easy to wear as well.

Removable spikes: these are the type of spikes where you can replace them if you don’t feel comfortable with them.

Almost every company is now offering such spikes where you can replace the spikes and get a new one of your own choice.

Laces or no laces:

Not many players opt for those golf shoes which have no laces but sticky straps but here I must say that the lace system provides such incredible grip that is not found in many sticky strap golf shoes. But again, this feature is up to personal preference and choice. To find the best golf shoes for wide feet, one can opt for either choice.

How to clean your golf shoes:

Cleaning golf shoes is always an important part. Partly because while playing golf, you are bound to get al kind of dirt in your shoes and if your shoes have spiked, then they need regular cleaning.

Playing golf is mostly about walking long and soft grounds and going into places where there can be mud as well.

General care of golf shoes:

Remove dirt and residue after each round with the help of soft bristle brush.

If dirt is still present, use soft cloth and water and detergent moisture.

Always dry at room temperature in while air should do the drying.

If the spike has dirt or mud, then clean them with the help of any sharp tool but do it carefully and don’t damage the outer sole.

When golf shoes get wet:

If you have wet your shoes in any round, then clean them immediately after that round.
Clean the mud or dirt with the help of water and detergent mixture while cleaning with a soft bristle brush.

Put extra sheets of newspaper in the inside of the shoes and leave them like this for 8-10 hours. The newspaper will soak the wetness and dry them out.

Now you must put the specially designed trees inside in place of newspaper to maintain the seamless shape and to avoid the re-shaping of the upper sole.

Dry them in the air.

When golf shoes have mesh:

When golf shoes have meshed upper, you need to take care more often. There are two ways through which you can clean your mesh golf shoes.

Machine wash:

In this, you will have to remove the lace and open the cushioning part on ankle wide open.

Put the shoes and laces in a washing bag, so the damage is avoided.

Use mild mixture or detergent and water and wash them in the machine.

You must remember that certain shoes are not supportive of machine washing so only do the machines washing then the shoes, or the company recommends it.

Take out the shoes and laces and dry them in the open air.

Hand wash:

When you want to wash the shoes by hand, you still have to remove the laces.

Wash the laces separately.

Wash the upper mesh with water and detergent mixture and soft bristle brush.

Carefully and softly do the washing

Dry in the open air.

Special care:

There are the type of best golf shoes for wide feet which have unique outer sole and upper soles like leather so remember to wash them accordingly.

If the sole is black or white or any other color, try to use that color which is available at golf shoe retailer shop and lightly clean them while applying that color so the leather can get a refresh to look as well. Same applies to the outer sole.


Which Golf Shoe Brand Is Known for Producing Lightweight and Waterproof Shoes Suitable for Wide Feet?

Skechers is known for producing lightweight and waterproof golf shoes suitable for wide feet.

What Is the Key Feature of Skechers Performance Go Golf Blade Shoes for Wide Feet?

The key features of Skechers Performance Go Golf Blade shoes for wide feet include excellent cushioning, a solid outer sole with replaceable cleats for traction, a lightweight micro fabric leather upper sole, and breathability.

What Is the Advantage of Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes for Wide Feet?

Adidas men’s Tech Response 4.0 golf shoes for wide feet offer lightweight construction, thin tech cleats for enhanced traction, and a wide toe box for better comfort.

What Is the Standout Feature of Puma Men’s Grip Golf Shoes for Wide Feet? 

Puma Men’s Grip golf shoes for wide feet are known for their amazing traction, excellent breathability, and fusion foam compression EVA midsole for cushioning.

What Makes Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce Wd Golf Shoes a Great Choice for Wide Feet?

Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce WD golf shoes provide ample comfort with supportive cushioning, a wide toe box, and stretchable leather fabric for a luxurious fit. They also offer waterproofing and excellent traction.



If you have wide feet and you are in trouble while looking for the best type of golf shoes, then I am sure this article will bring you much ease.

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