Best Golf Shoes for Neuropathy


Best Golf Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy to Protect Your Feet from Damage

Neuropathy is often caused by diabetes. So, it is one of the most common foot problems that many golfers experience while playing. But despite how prevalent it is, it remains relatively unknown. One out of every two people will experience some form of neuropathy at some point in their lives. If you face neuropathy foot pain with regular shoes while playing golf with your friends, you need to choose specific shoes that help relieve this type of pain.

diabetic neuropathy

There are various types of shoes for different situations and situations for different players. But if you cannot walk perfectly around and play freely with a specific shoe, you are limiting yourself unnecessarily. We are going to discuss the best golf shoes for neuropathy.

Orthofeet Golf Shoes – Total solution for diabetic golfersInnovative Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men - Ideal for Heel Pain Relief. Therapeutic Walking Shoes with Arch Support, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths – Edgewater by Orthofeet

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Orthofeet is one of the most selling brands of shoes in the US, with millions of pairs sold to date. It is the leading name in comfort orthotics for people who suffer from foot pain caused by diabetes, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, heel spurs, hammertoes, other orthopedic problems.

With years of experience in the orthotics industry, Orthofeet has developed the most innovative and effective orthotics footwear for all of these conditions. These shoes are designed with the unique needs of your feet and are available in different sizes to accommodate most adults.

Innovative Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men

  • Customizable Orthotics
  • Superb Cushioning
  • Wide Toe Boxes
  • Non-Binding & Stretch
  • They are not designed to use on the floor.

Why should You Buy it?

Finally, if you are looking for the best golf shoes for neuropathy, then Orthofeet is the brand you should consider. With its wide range of sizes and customizable orthotics, these shoes are perfect for anyone who has foot pain while playing golf. 

Adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost – Affordable Golf Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy

adidas mens Golf Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoe , WHITE , 9.5 M US

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The Adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost-M For Best Golf Shoes is one of the best golf shoes for neuropathy because it will keep you on course all day long with the help of Synthetic soles, a removable insole, and removable insoles, making these shoes easy to wear in a wide range of conditions & also feature a breathable mesh upper, for comfort and fit.

It features a breathable mesh and synthetic sole with Clim proof technology, which provides excellent traction on wet or dry grass.  This shoe has been designed to make the wearer’s feet more comfortable by absorbing shock on hard surfaces & an affordable option for players looking to improve their game. 

adidas mens Golf Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoe , WHITE , 9.5 M US

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Affordable
  • Soles may wear down quickly

Why Should You Buy It?

For people searching for shoes with good traction comfort, Adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 is the best choice. It is the most affordable shoe with all the features that a player needs.

Ecco Men’s Cage Evo Boa Golf Shoe – Best for walkers with wider feet

ECCO Men’s Cage Evo Boa Golf Shoe is an entry-level shoe that will satisfy the needs of golfers who want an attractive relief from foot pain an affordable shoe that also provides good traction durability.

This golf shoe has been created with style in mind features an anti-slip sole that grips the ground in wet or slippery conditions. Its innovative Boa closure system helps keep the shoe secure the adjustable insole provides added comfort flexibility.

It is a lightweight shoe with an open mesh upper that lets air circulates through the shoe to help keep feet cool and dry during strenuous activity. It features a Champ slim-look spike, an adjustable width option for ultimate fit support & suitable for men and women.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Boa Closure System
  • Good traction
  • The thin sole may not provide enough support.

Why You Buy It?

Many golf lovers looking for an attractively affordable golf shoe that provides good traction and durability will be satisfied with the ECCO Men’s Cage Evo Boa Golf Shoe. This innovative shoe features a Boa closure system that is easy to use provides excellent support.

Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe for Neuropathy for Foot Pain Relief:

Skechers mens Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Blue Sole, 7.5 Wide US


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Skechers Men’s Golf Shoe is a value money choice for Foot Pain Relief & it is a stylish golf shoe designed with lightweight, superior traction to help prevent blisters soreness. It also features a high-density sole to add stability.

If you’re having issues with foot pain, then this shoe is what you’ve been looking for. This golf shoe will help you alleviate the problem by using an ultra-flight foam sock liner. There are soft spikes on the bottom to help provide support as well.

This golf shoe provides comfort, durability, support while making it easy to walk around on the course. The sole of this golf shoe is designed with an ultra-high-density material that allows the shoes to provide maximum traction on all surfaces.

The outer uppers are made from durable synthetic materials that withstand harsh weather conditions. This shoe also features a rubber toe to provide excellent grip and traction on the ground when running on extensive golf grounds.

Skechers mens Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Blue Sole, 7.5 Wide US

  • Ultra-flight foam sock liner
  • Soft spikes
  • Affordable
  • The size may run small for prominent foot people.

Why You Buy It?

If you choose the right golf shoes, these Skechers men’s shoes help to improve your game and enjoy playing without any foot pain.

Puma Men’s Golf Shoes – Super Comfortable Shoe with 3D Traction:

PUMA Men's Fusion Evo Golf Shoe, High Rise-Limepunch, 7


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The PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes for Neuropathy Pain are designed to provide stability, flexibility, comfort, shock absorption to help prevent injury.

These puma shoes come with an exclusive PWRADAPT-Proprietary sole traction system that will provide 3-D traction of the ultimate performance & also have a PWRCAGE-Super solid lightweight TPU saddle that provides excellent support and stability throughout your swing.

Additionally, the PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes for Neuropathy Pain have a Ultra-thin TPU frame strategically in high-stress areas on the upper for support and increased stability. It features a highly lightweight sole construction which allows for quick, accurate, precise movement during your golf swing.

PUMA Men's Fusion Evo Golf Shoe, High Rise-Limepunch, 7

  • Sole traction system
  • Super strong and lightweight TPU saddle
  • Ultra-thin TPU frame
  • They are a bit hard to get on with the no lace design but otherwise a great show.

Why You Buy It?

Finding the right golf shoes that provide the support and comfort you need to prevent injury can be challenging. If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable golf shoe, then the PUMA Men’s Golf Shoes for Neuropathy Pain are excellent.

Dr. Comfort Performance Men’s Shoe

Dr. Comfort Performance Men's Therapeutic Athletic Shoe: Black/Black 6 Medium (B/D)Check Today’s Price

The Dr. Comfort Performance Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoe for foot discomfort and heel pain reliefs the ideal solution for runners who want a lightweight, comfortable shoe that provides superior arch support, stability, breathability.It features a removable insole for a personalized fit, an elasticized lacing system that allows for an easy-to-adjust fit, a mesh upper for enhanced ventilation a protective toe box for added safety. 

This shoe is ideal for use on road trails during training & helps to prevent skin irritation, while mesh uppers help regulate heat keep feet cool and dry. They are also used for runners, tennis players, basketball players, hikers, soccer players, volleyball players, active lifestyles.Dr. Comfort Performance Men's Therapeutic Athletic Shoe: Black/Black 6 Medium (B/D)

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Removable insole
  • It may not be suitable for wider feet. 

Why You Buy It?

If you are suffering from foot pain, heel pain, or want a comfortable and breathable shoe that provides superior arch support. 

The Dr. Comfort Performance Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoe is the ideal choice. It is perfect for use on roads, trails, during training, or any other active lifestyle. The mesh upper helps regulate heat and keep your feet cool dry.

What Things to Look for Before you Buy Golf Shoes for Neuropathy?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of skill and practice. The players need to invest in quality golf shoes to get the best results. The players can choose from a wide range of golf shoes but choosing the right pair can become tricky.

Let’s know how to buy golf shoes for neuropathy:

Shoes Should Be Lightweight:

The players will feel tired; it can also affect their performance. A player should get lightweight shoes made of soft leather or other material to help them perform better and feel comfortable.

Padded Feet:

To get the best results, the players must get padded shoes. It will help the player to get the best posture and balance while walking.

Shorts and Tops:

Players can choose to buy golf shorts and tops. They are the best for the warm weather. They will provide the necessary protection comfort to the players.

The Players Need to Take Care of Their Feet:

As it is a sport that involves a lot of walking, the players must take care of their feet. They need to ensure that the feet are good and fit well.

It is a fact that playing golf is a sport that involves a lot of walking, but it is essential to get the right pair of golf shoes. The tips mentioned above will help the players to get the best of their game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Golf Shoes Hurt My Feet?

This is often caused by wearing excessive pressure of a golf spike under the metatarsal shoes that are not correctly fitted or designed for golf. Golf shoes typically need support, comfort, traction to ensure that you can swing the club with ease and without pain.

How Can I Relieve Foot Pain from Golf Shoes?

  1. There are many different things you can do to relieve foot pain from golf shoes:
  2. Choose a shoe with a soft, cushioned sole
  3. Avoid shoes with spikes that dig into the soles of your feet
  4. Wear shoes that provide good arch support and traction
  5. Consider using orthotic inserts or other forms of foot padding or support
  6. Practice good foot and ankle stretching exercises to help improve flexibility reduce strain on your feet.

How Do Diabetic Shoes Help with Neuropathy?

A deep toe box to prevent pressure on the toes and metatarsal sensors to provide cushioning pressure relief. Diabetic golf shoes are also designed with low-heeled soles to help reduce the impact on the joints supports a natural posture. Combining these features makes the diabetic shoe ideal for treating neuropathy pain in the feet and preventing further injury or damage.


In the end, it is essential to buy the right golf shoes to prevent foot pain. All of the above shoes are good options for golfers who suffer from foot pain. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.